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A clean home is a happy home:)

Hey Y’all!

I know you’ve just been on pins and needles for a new post, so… WAIT NO LONGER! haha Just for you Lauren.  This first (and only for me) week of summer has been bliss.  And by bliss I mean I was able to sweep and mop my kitchen, run all my errands, work out, clean up the living room, and hang out with JR and Emshir.

Having a clean kitchen made me think “Hmm, I should bake something and screw this all up.” No, I’m just kidding.  At least about the screwing it up part.  I figured it was time to branch out and try something I’ve never really done before which is recreate a favorite restaurant dish.

Lauren suggested pizza and I got to thinking “Favorite/cool/fun/cheap/easy pizza?” DONE! The Queen Margherita Pizza from one of my favorite pizza places since moving to college: US Pizza.  This pizza is cheesy and spicy and addictive.  It contains some of my favorite things like alfredo sauce and feta cheese.  In reality this whole meal took me about 15 min of prep and 15 min of baking and 10 minutes of eating thanks to JR and Emshir. (Recipe at end of post)

Now, I’m gonna go off topic and talk about my fun-so-far-summer.  I went to see the movie Thor. OMG Chris Hemsworth is adorable in this movie! It was a blast and I enjoyed every second of it, which was a lot of seconds because it was a tad long. After the movie JR and Emshir and I went to a Mexican restaurant and split a 60 oz pitcher of margaritas:) Oh yeah, fun times were had.

I dyed my hair dark burgundy auburn and… so far so good. I like it a lot. I Watched a bunch of tv and married off my best friend BP now BH:) Congrats to the happy couple. I also purchased my ticket for Italy(eek $1,500.00 poorer).  I am still so excited though because it is less than a month away!!!!!!! BSG here I come! oh and Italian countryside too;)

That pretty much wraps up my life as of now.  PYT is in Washington, DC visiting some friends and also picking up some new Bailey’s Coffee Creamer for me:D excited!

Queen Margherita Copy Cat Pizza

Pizza crust (I used a fifty cent box of jiffy)

2 oz feta cheese

4 oz mozzarella cheese

salsa verde

alfredo sauce

1 large slicing tomato (a few romas would work too)

chicken (optional, I used it bc I am used to cooking for BSG who can’t eat any meal without some form of meat)

basil (I used fresh and it really added a nice flavor, dried works too)


black pepper

olive oil

cayenne pepper

Ok first I cooked a salsa verde coated chicken breast in some olive oil in a pan. Any way you want to prepare it is fine.

Then I let it rest and sliced it. I also sliced the tomatoes earlier in the day and put them in a bowl with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

The last prep item is the pizza dough if you buy some that needs prep. Just follow those directions.

Ok, here is how quickly it all comes together. Mix alfredo and salsa verde to taste. I like mine spicy so I went heavy on the salsa verde. Spread the mixture over your crust. Add chicken, tomatoes, mozzarella, and feta with the basil finishing it off.

Heat until cheese is bubbly. Slice and Serve. Bada Boom Bing… Dinner is served!

This tasted just like US pizza’s Queen Margherita except with a thicker crust (which I prefer).  It was devoured quickly and was filling and satisfying. As a bonus I used the leftover ingredients to make another pizza for lunch and plan on using them again as maybe some sort of spicy chicken pasta dish. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Things tickling my fancy:

1. Shoe cushion insoles- standing for 8 hours is pretty unbearable without them. #lifesavers

2. Free Itunes Podcasts- I just downloaded a running one that I tried today and kicked ass:)

3. A clean house- waking up in the morning feels amazing knowing everything is clean and put away.

4. Bailey’s Coffee Creamer- SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS. I ❤ Bailey’s

Happy Reading! Thanks for sticking with me.